Three Easy Steps to Enjoy the Livestream Experience

How to livestream

What You Need:

  • A phone, tablet, or laptop with internet connectivity
  • A Facebook account*

Before You Start:

Step 1:

Visit our CaltechLive! page on Facebook. The livestream will automatically begin at the posted time.

Step 2:

Let us know you're there (by showering Eileen Ivers with emojis!). Like traditional live, in-person concerts, artists perform best when they can feel the energy of the crowd. On Facebook live, you can send support by clicking the heart, like, or even wow buttons.

Step 3:

Enjoy yourself. The need for connection and art is vital in these uncertain times. We are all in this together; let's be here for each other.

For Bonus Points (Who Doesn't Love Getting Gold Stars?):

  • Tell your friends you'll be watching! Post about it on your Facebook page or other social media. People like knowing what you're up to these days.
  • Invite your friends to watch. You can send them a Facebook Event so they get all the details.
  • Ask questions and share comments during the performance. Let's be a warm and vocal audience for Eileen Ivers as she shares her artistic gifts with us.

*No Facebook? No Problem!

Watch the stream live on our website here.

(In order to ask questions and add comments you can only do so on our Facebook event or Eileen Ivers' YouTube page.)