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Science Journey: Fluid Dynamics: From Disturbances to Turbulence

Salvador Gomez, Graduate Student in Aerospace

This video premiered on Friday, November 20, 2020.

The storms we see on Jupiter and the motions in a coffee cup can be explained by analyzing the equations of fluid dynamics. These equations are used to design airplanes, predict the weather, and even make art!

How do engineers and scientists solve these equations?

In this video, Salvador Gomez explains how the important information can be identified to simplify the problems so that engineers and scientists can make predictions in fluid flows.

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About the Speaker

Salvador Gomez
Salvador Gomez

Salvador Gomez grew up in Hayward, California, just south of Oakland in the Bay Area. He became the first in his family to ever go to college when he went to school at UC Berkeley to study mechanical engineering. At Berkeley, Salvador got the chance to teach middle and high school students at summer camps and teach college students in the club Hispanic Engineers & Scientists during the winters. His interest in teaching, along with the exciting possibilities in research, led Salvador to apply to Caltech for a PhD in Aeronautics.

Salvador is currently a second year graduate student at Caltech, earning a degree in aeronautics (the science of understanding how airplanes fly). He is studying turbulence to understand the processes that increase drag on vehicles. He uses math and coding to identify structures that can help reduce the complexity of the turbulent flows. Outside of research, Salvador is also an officer in Club Latino at Caltech.

Salvador hopes to one day be a professor to continue studying fluid dynamics and help develop programs that can increase retention of underrepresented students in STEM.

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